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As a college senior, I was fortunate to hear Dr. Drew give a program at my alma mater, Missouri State University. If you’re not familiar, Dr. Drew is the physician on the MTV(and radio show), Love Line. This is a call-in show about sex, relationships and anything to do with the two(but let’s face it, it’s mostly sex).

Maybe it’s because Love Line has given me a ton of great info over the years, or maybe it’s because I briefly met Dr. Drew several years ago, but any time I happen upon “Love Line”, I leave it on.

Tonight, I was kinda disgusted when a girl called in. Her name was Carlie and she is 13. Being disgusted that a kid would call into a sex show, I continued putting laundry away and walked out of the room. Basically, I figured that any sexual problem a 13 year old was having would make me so sad that I didn’t want to hear that before turning in for the night. Well, I wish I hadn’t left.

I don’t know what her real question was, but I walked back in to hear her speaking about her alcoholic father and how she can’t go to him for any help. Dr. Drew then asked the obvious question, “What about your mother?” The answer was even sadder: the mother attempted a suicide several years ago and is now so drugged up on script medications that she’s unreliable. Throw in some addictions that the mom has and this poor kid really has no one to turn to. Dr. Drew then said, “Carlie, I command you to find a positive relationship with a responsible adult..”

You generally don’t hear psycho-therapists “commanding” their patients, but young Carlie may just be mature enough to take Dr. Drew’s advice.

After thinking about this, that commandment that she was given might just be the thing that’ll save this girl’s life. And how did she get that knowledge? By calling into a sex talk show I thought a 13-year-old had no business listening to. In reality, nothing on the show will hurt her psychie like her two jacked up parents will. So, talk on, Dr. Drew…and thankss for giving a little hope to the occasional kid who needs more than just sexual advice.And my apologies for jumping to conclusions.

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