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While I was thinking about what to write in this post, or more specifically, how to phrase it, I started feeling old. See, yesterday I called The Geek Squad. Not familiar? I wasn’t either until recently.

Geek Squad is a world wide company which does in home(and on site) computer repair. Pretty much anything you need; networking, virus and spyware, whatever. The Geek Squad has a memorable way to brand themselves and, this is what makes me feel old!

See, I remember the early 80s…a time when people didn’t know how to spell “nerd” with an “e” or a “u”…I remember when everyone knew a geek, but no one wanted to be one! I remember vividly “Revenge of the Nerds” movies and how I swore I’d always act more like the frat boys and less like the Tri Lambdas(I was all of, what? 11 at the time?)

So, here’s the story…The Geek Squad fixes computers. When you call their 800 number, you get a voice impersonator of Sean Connery acting like fixing your computer is top secret, double secret probation kind of business. Then, when you get a live person on the line, he/she will identify themselves as “Agent Smith with the Geek Squad.”

After we’d determined the problem, set up a date for them to take a look and fix the notebook, Agent Smith gave me the 411 on the Geek Squad agent who’d be coming to my house.

“You’ll recognize him by his clip-on tie, his white socks and, of course, his Geek Squad identification badge.”

Now that being a computer geek can be cool, Geek Squad has gone throw back to the days of old. If this dude shows up with a pocket protector and masking tape around his black framed glasses, I’m going to be darned impressed! See, Geek Squad has embraced the afore thought negative image of the geek, the nerd, the dweeb…and now they’re a worldwide company. And go figure! IPeople are going to call them computer geeks anyway, so they might as well own the identity, embrace it and yeah, you got it! Make millions off of it, too!

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