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One of the collegiate orgs I belong to is NODA, the Natl. Orientation Directors Assoc. Welcome weeks, orientation weeks, whatever the different institution chooses to call their program, the focus is the same: creating a healthy, information-packed session about that particular institution for the new students.

Makes me think of my first week of school at the university formerly known as Southwest Missouri State. But, after reading a post to the NODA list serve today, I was introed to an idea I’ve never heard of, much less participated in.

So, picture it…an 18 year old is going off to school for the first time. What are the things to cover? Academics? Safety? Recreation? Yes, yes and yes. And every parent/guardian worth his/her salt will be imparting little bits of knowledge to their kid…those pieces of advice that are a parent’s last way to influence their kid before turning them loose into the real world.

So, while all this is going on…what about said studdent’s siblings? Particularly younger siblings? So often, the older sibling is idolized by the younger. Or, if nothing else, there’s that influence that almost always happens with an older and younger sibling dynamic. But, again, what about the kid brother?

Today, one of the NODA members asked a question concerning thee sibling session…and I thought what a fantastic idea that is! I don’t know how many universities and colleges use this, but when my big sis went off to college, as big of a punk as I was back then, I’d have liked a little info on how to deal with now being an only child in the home.

Whatever bits of knowledge can be learned by a kid bro or sis as their older sibling heads off to college for the first time are more likely to stick in that kid’s head-and that influence of higher education might just be what determines whether or not a young teen will have a favorable idea of college.

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