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Grass roots efforts kick butt!

Ridley Pearson. One of my favorite authors-and potentially one of the reasons I got married! When Marvelyne and I were just becoming friends, we talked about Ridley Pearson’s detective novels. Ridley had just moved from the Pacific Northwest to St. Louis and, as luck would have it, we ended up living within a mile or two of one another. No, I’ve never met him, but I always hoped every time I took Carson out for a walk around the neighborhood that I’d meet the man!

Well, a few weeks ago, Ridley sent out an E mail blast to subscribers to his newsletter telling of his latest release, Killer Weekend. He encouraged readers to purchase the book within the first week because (as he honestly said), that’s what the publishers want to see: immediate sales with a bang!

So, I love to support grass roots efforts like this. And, well, it debuted at #12 on the NY Times best sellers list! Today, Ridley sent out a “Thank you!” message to all who’d helped him(and his publisher) accomplish that goal. He’s built a fan base of loyal readers. When he makes a request with a goal in mind, I’m more than happy to try to help him succeed. And the thank you today? Icing on the cake!

If you dig good detective novels, absolutely phenomenal character development and some of the best writing out there today, think about getting Killer Weekend for yourself!

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