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One of my fav scenes from any movie comes from Three Men and a Baby. If you don’t remember this 80s flick, Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and some other dude I can’t remember are three bachelors who share an apartment. Somehow, they “inherit” an infant and have to learn to take care of this “thing.”

My fav scene from this flick is where one of the bachelors is reading a bedtime story to the baby. The story? An article from Sports Illustrated about a recent heavyweight title bout. So, picture a bare-chested dude with a baby in one arm, the mag opened in front of him and a can of beer at the ready. In a voice so quiet and smooth and child-friendly as if he were reading something that starts with “Once upon a time…”, he begins to say things like, “Tyson took a hard right to the chin in the third which he never seemed to recover from until his eventual K.O. in the fifth. The laceration above his right eye continually oozed blood until it was finally stitched by the ringside doctor.”

When another one of the bachelors walked in on this scene, the bachelor reading the SI looked up and said, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it!”

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