Cranium-The Best Board Game Ever!

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When I first heard of blogging, I thought it was a lame idea. I mean, who’d be so narcissistic to think others want to read their on-line journal about how they went to the grocery store, got in a fight with their significant other, all the mundane stuff of life?

So, I swore that I’d try to steer away from the mundane when I began to blog(and if you’re wondering why I ever chose to start a blog some 18 months ago, you can read it back at the very beginning of Engel’s Ensights).

Anyway, if I did write about the mundane, I promised myself it would always be with a purpose. something I learned that I hope others will learn from, too.

Lately, as I settle into married life and my new roles as husband and stepfather, I kinda sorta feel like the stuff I’m writing about is ho hum. If so, I apologize, I’m just so enamored and intrigued by this new thing called: parenthood.

Marvelyne and I have discussed at length how we want to be “that house.” You remember “that house” when you were younger? The home of a friend where everything was great? You could forget all the problems of your own home life, walk into a place that overflowed with love and caring, where the atmosphere was laid back, fun, safe and secure? Yeah, we want to be “that house”, both for our kids AND any other kids.

My heart absolutely breaks for kids with a crappy home life. Where the parents are drunks or abusive or even if it’s nothing more than neglect-I want kids to be able to step into our home and, if only for a little while, feel like this is home as home should be.

Which brings me to my title about Cranium. It’s been at least half a decade since I’ve played Cranium…and now that I have kids and just played a round with half a dozen teenagers, I have a totally new appreciation for the inclusivity of this game.

At least two teenss we were playing with were flipping brilliant-the kind of people you want on your team when playing trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings! And two more were the kind of kids who might be picked first in kickball, but last for intellectual games. And then there were three or four adults who played with the main purpose in mind to be sure the kids have fun!(This is especially crazy since in almost all games, I play for blood!)

Cranium: trivia, sculpting, music, drawing, actingword games. IIt is a HUGE way to level the playing field for anyone, but especially for kids and teens. The smartest person in the room may kick all butt at trivia, but may be so shy that she shrinks into a little ball in the corner if she has to speak in front of people. And the kid who makes D’s may be the one who can best pick out the song in a “humdinger.”

Either way, this game must, MUST be a staple in the homes of those who want to be “that house.” It includes everyone, stretches your mind and, hey, it’s just more fun than about any other board game!

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