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There’s a cute joke that goes a little something like this:
A minister is asked by one of his flock to do a counseling session. In their talk, the parishoner drones on and on about his money problems, how he’s in debt up to his eyeballs, how the bank is going to take everything away, blah blah blah.

The minister tires of the whining, but can’t exactly shut the guy up. Instead, he says, “My child, go home and open the Bible…there, you’ll find the answer.”

A few weeks later, the same parishoner shows up to church in a chaueffeured limo, wearing an Armani suitt, sporting a Rolex and a diamond pinky ring. The minister, surprised, asks the obvious, “WWeren’t you just poor a few days ago?”

“Yes, ” the man answers, “And you were right! I went home, opened my Bible and the answer really was right there!”

The minister, still bewildered, asks where he opened the Bible.

“To Chapter 13, of course!”

Well, every so often, I try to find the answer coming through in other forms. Since I’m not usually one to crack open the Bible, I see if the divine spirits of the universe have a message for me in other ways.

Tonight was a stressor. Frustrated, tired,an early morning and a packed next few days. While packing my luggage tonight, I was thinking I needed a little help from above. As I walked to the stereo, I threw up a half-hearted prayer for Bruce Springsteen to be on the air(I get more inspiration from The Boss’ lyrics than just about anything else). Was my prayer answerred?

Negative, Ghost Rider.

However, what -was- on the radio was, believe it or not, something that felt divine. Reo Speedwagon’s “Roll With The Changes.” Yeah, good message. One I needed to hear tonight. Thanks God. Or DJ on the radio. Or REO, whoever. Thanks…I needed that!

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