Pics from Our Special Day – July 01, 2007

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  • Pauline and Joe


    I enjoyed your wedding pictures.
    I work with your Aunt Elaine at St. Joe West in Lake St. Louis MO.
    She is blessing of a person and such a gentle spirit. She told me of you wedding and how much she enjoyed it.
    She loves you dearly as you well know.
    I so enjoyed your book and in all my 31 yrs of nursing I can’t tell you how much I learned form your experiences.
    I bought a copy to give to my son’s friend who just grad form med schooland will do his residency at Barnes here in St.Louis.

    Peace and prayers
    Pauline McCarthy

  • Mouwoohze

    Great pictures! You guys look great. I hope to make it to Orlando soon to meet the Mrs. Marcus Engel. 🙂

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