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One thing I noticed at our wedding reception this weekend was a quality I’d not previously noticed in my best friend and best man, DJ. DJ and I go back a decade to when we were pledges of Kappa Sigma at Missouri State. We’ve stayed good friends and I couldn’t imagine having another person stand up for me at my marriage.

But this weekend, DJ impressed me to a whole new level. My bud has the tendency to be shy and does not enjoy public speaking. Yet, he put that fear behind him to do the toast to the bride and groom. I’ve been to a lot of weddings over the years, but I’m not sure I’ve heard a toast delivered with as much sincerity as DJ had(but maybe I’m biased).

Then, later in the night, the real DJ(the one spinning CDs and leading group dances) wanted everyone to be on the dance floor. My bud DJ does not enjoy dancing-I mean really does not enjoy it. Yet, he put aside his discomfort, walked out on the floor and started cutting a rug as the music guy suggested.

For the greater good, my boy put aside his comfort and fun and risked potential embarrassment. Would he have done this at another reception? Highly, highly unlikely…but when it’s his best friend, he’s not going to rock the boat.

Frankly, I’m not the biggest fan of the ducky dance, either, but sometimes you put yourself out there to keep from making a scene and make others happy. DJ weighed out the situation, found that there was a greater potential of causing a disturbance by balking then just doing it. And he did. And I’m thankful to him for it. And for a decade of being my best bud. AEKDB.

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