Suck It Up!

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Well, the last six weeks of wedding prep, wedding dinners and wedding receptions have left me feeling a bit soft around the olEngel waistline. So, it’s time to get healthy again!

This time, however, I’m taking a few passengers with me on the health train. My stepdaughter is also wanting to make some lifestyle changes, so yesterday we were making a plan of how we’d reach our goals. Exercise every day, toning work with dumbbells, cutting calories and keeping accurate track of caloric intake.

Of course, one of the biggest issues with trying to diet and make that lifestyle change is the people around me. I can do okay on my own, but if everyone else is eating fried chicken and ice cream, it’s going to be darned tough to make a whole wheat turkey sandwich and a small salad a meal!

So, I posed this question to Maddison: Will you be mad if you’re eating healthy, and everyone at the table is having ice cream? Her answer, simple as can be, is genius: “I’ll just have to suck it up!”

She’s so right! Any change or new direction must be started intentionally. When difficulties arise, keeping the priority in sight is exactly what will help us achieve our goals. And when things just aren’t going to be the way we’d like? Suck it up!

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