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Yesterday, I caught an NPR segment about the new head of the education arm of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She left her position as the superintendent of the Portland, OR Public School District to take the position. While in Portland, she was described as a “hurricane” by the local papers. Why? The typical complaints-too many changes and done too quickly.

One of the big complaints was that she made the decision to shut down dilapidated schools. Several of these sub-par buildings were closed. Having been through some similar situations in the school district where I grew up, it becomes pretty obvious pretty fast how attached alumni are to these school buildings-not the schools as much as the building, it seems.

Anywho, when the paper described her as a hurricane, they also said, “She’ll listen, but she won’t slow down.” And to that I say…BRAVO!

So often, big changes are way, WAY too slow in the coming. In this case, the simple fact she’ll pay attention to the views of others is commendable. And to keep moving at the rate of speed where things actually get done, all while paying attention to the naysayers? Awesome!

You can read more about this woman, Vicki Phillips, by looking at NPR’s web site:

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