Since When Does My Opinion On Me Not Matter?

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A few nights ago, I had dinner with a buddy, Trace. Trace is a big hunter, just your totally into everything sorta outdoorsman. His enthusiasm for hunting is contagious and his experience is, well, far beyond that time I was in fifth grade and sat in a truck with my uncle while we waited for a deer to come along(notte to reader: one never did).

I have very little desire to hunt. Lots of people love hunting and claim it’s so much more than the killing of wildlife. THIS is what I want…to experience the outdoors in a way I haven’t in a long time and to challenge myself in a sport I can hardly believe is accessible to me. That challenge, along with Trace’s leadership, is the reason that, come Nnovember, yours truly will be sitting in the woods with a rifle.

So, after this conversation, I was culling through the net for stuff on blind hunters and blind hunting…and I got disgusted.

First thing I found? An article from an organization of the blind
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