Can I Just Be Me Without Your Opinions?

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A few nights ago, I had dinner with my buddy, Trace. Trace is a big outdoorsman and hunter and his enthusiasm for the sport is just plain contagious!

I have not been hunting since I was, oh, about 12 and, to this day, I’m still not convinced you can call it “hunting” when you sit in a truck and wait for a deer to come along. Anyway, Trace has renewed my enthusiasm for the potential of yours truly(yes, still a blind dude) going hunting. So, I did what any curious American would do: I googled it!

After searching through dozens of sites that sold duck blinds and deer stands for trees, I finally came across some real, honest-to-God articles on hunting for blind folks. And after reading through a few of these editorials, I was thoroughly disgusted.

First, I came across the newsletter of an organization of the blind. After reading just a few paragraphs of an article on a man who is blind and teaches hunter education, I realized it wasn’t as muchh an article as a rant session. Yes, there were a few antecdotes about his lovve of the outdoors
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