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I just read an article about a businessman who increased his profits greatly AND reduced himself down to a four day work week. His tips and “how to” plan were many of the usual things; look at where the majority of profits are coming from and focus there, outsource menial and time consuming work, blah blah blah.

He also said that he reduced his consumption of news. Now, headlines are the only info he puts in his head. When questioned about this he said something like, “Well, I haven’t missed out on anything. My life is no worse off for not being an information hound.”

Beg pardon? That may be true , but how does he interact when a topic is discussed that doesn’t deal with his business? After all, it sounds like biz is all he pays attention to. Hey, if it works for him and he’s down to four days and increased profits, go for it.

Me, I’ll take the information. It isn’t about making profits, it’s about having an educated opinion. It’s about having an expanded mindset due to the constant flow of information. It’s about seeing what is going on in the world at large, not just in my home and office.

Seven years ago, I discovered NFB Newsline. Newsline is a service whereby blind folks like yours truly can access newspapers with the use of a touch tone phone. For the last several months since my re-location to Orlando, I’ve been missing Newsline. I’ve felt uninformed, behind on issues that aren’t discussed on cable news and, frankly, a little bored on Sunday mornings(my coffee goes much better with editorials).

But now(drum roll, please), I’m back on board with Newsline. I finally got myself settled enough to search out the local numbers. When I did, I spent several hours bouncing around exploring Floridian newspapers and, of course, the standbys of the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

If you know someone who cannot utilize newspapers via print, please check out:


This service has benefitted my life in ways I’m still discovering. Maybe this’ll keep me from ever being able to enjoy a four day work week, but at least I won’t be isolated from the world!

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