See What Happens When You Have Dog Fights?

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I’m generally not someone who makes fun of mental illness nor the mentally ill, but ya gotta admit, this is just pure absurdity! And no, I don’t know the prisoner in question is mentally ill, but these examples show a textbook case of someone out of touch with reality.

As reported by both Fox News and,, here goes!

A prison inmate in South Carolina has filed a lawsuit against Michael Vick. His first claim? That Vick stole his pit bulls and then sold them on EBay! Just wait…it gets better! The inmate also claims Vick pledged allegiance to Al Quita, has used microwaves on people in human testing experiments and has used drugs inside a drug free schools zone.

As if that isn’t wacky enough, he’s suing Vick for 63 trillion billion dollars(exactly how many zeros is that?) and the payment must be made in bars of gold and silver, delivered to the front door of the prison.

God bless America!

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