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Yesterday morning, I caught one of the Sunday a.m. news shows. Being a news junkie, I’ve grown to detest most reporters’ styles of interviewing. Questions that determine an answer, putting their own agenda or just asking stupid questions all make the reporter look foolish…or worse, coniving..

Well, this particular news program showed a reporter talking to about a dozen “average Americans.” He asked a question and their opinions to be known by a show of hands. Is there any more unscientific way of determining opinions?

Look, first year psychology classes tell us that, when in a group where the majority thinks one way, most people are more likely to follow. Of course! No one wants to be the oddball! The question asked was, by show of hands, in the next election, are you voting on the basis of domestic issues(all in favor, raise your hand) or the war in Iraq(again, all in favor, raise ’em up). Not only is a show of hands a stupid way of guaging the opinions of the public, but a question with such vagueness of “domestic issues” or “Iraq” is just asanine.

Like it or not, believe it or not, when people are asked to air their opinions in public, you’ll never get anywhere near as accurate of a poll as when views are sought in private. People are just followers by nature.

So? Be brave! Be Bold! And don’t worry about what others think of your opinion! And reporters…stop asking such stupid questions!

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