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What makes you happy? Think your answers are different as an adult than when you were a kid?

A recent A.P. article discussed a poll of over 100 questions given to 13-24 year olds. The subject? What makes you happy?

The #1 answer from tomorrow’s leaders? Spending time with family. Believe it or not, it’s true! The #2 answer? Spending time with friends. And rounding out the top three was spending time with a significant other.

Granted, 13-24 is a really, REALLY wide range of ages. I mean, we’re talking 7th graders to people who may have three or four kids under their belt. No matter, that simple need for human connection, family love and support and community will always be at the top of the list.This gives me a lot of faith that reality TV and sex-oriented hip hop doesn’t have it’s choking hands around the neck of American youth. At least, not as much as previously thought.
Plus, 75% of those surveyed say they have a good relationship with their parents. THis is the sort of thing that will help offset the damaging effects of the afore mentioned negative influences. Provided kids are getting solid support and love at home, all other stressors of young life are significantly lessened. So, America, pat yourself on the back! We’re actually doing something right!

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