Billy Graham…He’s Not Just For Christians Any More!

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Billy Graham was hospitalized for interrnal bleeding a couple of weeks ago. Today, he was released from the North Carolina hospital where he was being treated.

Ten years ago(a little longer than that, actually), Billy Graham was being interviewed on a cable news show about the upcoming election(that of Clinton and Dole in ’96). Even in his late 70s, Graham was just as sweet of a guy as he’s been his entire life; not a minister like those other embarassments we saw during the 80s. The journalist asked Rev. Graham a question I thought was pretty cool: Does God have a sense of humor? Graham said that yes, he believes God does. I don’t remember anything else he said, but I thought this showed such a side of humility and ffriendliness that paints Christians in a positive light. And it’s that kind of banter where a topic can be discussed without witnessing and an effort to convert that has made Graham so successful in his ministry.

Today, when he was released, the main thing he wanted known was wwhat superb care he received. He stated that he has been a patient many times in many hospitals and he never received care as good as he got during this stint in the hospital. Awesome!

Health care workers get such little positive feedback that it’s great to see the reverand giving props where they’re due. And to get accolades from such a respectable person must be some of the highlights of those health care providers’ lives.

With so much negative press about the status of the American health care system, it’s really great to see docs and nurses getting the accolades they deserve.

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