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In a trend of stupid piled upon stupid, this takes the cake.

Bong Spirits is the import company for Bong Vodka. It’s just what it says…vodka that comes in a bottle that can be used as a bong. If you’re not hip to the lingo, a bong is a hollow pipe filled with water(or other liquids) that potheads use to smoke weed.

I have a decent amount of respect for organizations like NORML which(on the surface) use their strength to legalize marijunaa through legal and political means. Their org spells out what they’re all about. Bong vodka, on the other hand, tries to make the user believe the bottle’s packaging is strictly for artistic reasons. Wrong! And no one with half a brain will believe that it just so happens an artists’ sculpture just happens to end up looking like a water pipe.

If a company believes in their product, be proud of it and sell it for what it is. Bong vodka, on the other hand, is attempting to have drinkers believe this is art. It’s not. It’s deception. But only trying to deceive the public(i.e., non potheads) into thinking it’s just a clever marketing scheme. Please. We’re not quite that stupid.

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