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While flipping around the Sunday morning news shows, I happened upon an interview with Toby Keith. The interviewer asked Keith about his political views, the war, and his songwriting in relation to the current political situations around the world.

Keith has a unapologetic tone about his views, but as he said, “Don’t listen to me. This situation in Iraq is much, much more complicated than any of us can really comprehend. I’ve had the opprotunity to speak with 50 generals over the last five years and it’s still just so complicated. People sshouldn’t listen to me and my views on this, and they shouldn’t listen to any of the chowderheads who are singing about their views. I’m just a songwriter and doing what I do.”

Ya know, when Americans are so likely to grab ontoo little phrases and quote them as the gospel truth, this is showing a lot of humility on Keith’s part. Neil Young should take a lesson. A three minute song can do nothing but express the singer’s views…but even the songwriter would admit you simply cannot summize the east/west situation in a song. So, as Keith says, listen-but study for yourself.

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