What You Want And How To Get It

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As with the beginning of each new month, there’s a new heading for Engel’s Ensights. This month, it comes from one of my current musical favs, Hank Williams the Third.

What? The third? yes! Even though Hank Sr. has been dead for over 50 years, there almost seems to be a channelling of his soul through Hank 3. When I first heard this raucous redneck noise, I totally fell in love with it.

So, what does this have to do with anything? Very little…except the promotion of good music. Yet, there was a little something Hank 3 taught me during the reading of one of his interviews.

Hank 3’s real name is Shelton Williams. Why then, would he take the name of his grandfather and his father’s pseudonym? Simple: Hank 3 knows that if there was a show billed as Shelton Williams, it wouldn’t attract nearly as much attention as Hank Williams the Third. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it. I respect that. I’d much rather see him promoting his music through his lineage than acting all pompous and stoic and acting as though he doesn’t have the most famous name in country music.

Plus, come November, I’ve got tix to see 3 in concert…I’ll let ya know if it’s worth going to for you!

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