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Here we are again. The anniversary of the day the world changed. Where were you?

9-11 is one of those times in life where one will never forget where they were when they heard the news. Things like that only come along every few years…thank God.

Watching the footage and memorial ceremonies this morning, I was continually struck by the references to Flight 93; the plane that went down in Pennsylvania. Why? It was the only one of the hijacked planes where the passengers saw what was going on…and then took matters into their own hands. That famous phrase, “Let’s roll!” was said by one of the passengers as they stormed the cockpit which had been taken over by the hijackers. That took guts. Lots of guts.

Before all this started, I was watching some news program last night about a little boy in Detroit. An 11 year old boy came home from school to find a masked intruder standing in his living room. The masked man grabbed the boy and pressed his hand over his mouth to keep the kid quiet. What did the kid do? Realized he was in trouble and took his life into his own hands…and bit down-hard!

When he was interviewed later, the boy said, “When he grabbed me, I thought I was going to die. I figured if I was going to die, I was going to go out fighting!” Not much different from the brave souls who took down Flight 93, eh?

We all know the fight or flight syndroms: when one believes their life is in jeopardy, they’ll either battle to stay alive, or flee to preserve life.

On this anniversary of September 11, 2001, I’m so thankfuly for the courage of the people on Flight 93, and the fearlessness shown by the boy in Detroit. We should all have this kind of courage.

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