If It Works Out, Great!

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Yesterday was a wild, wild day. We flew into STL to be with family, only to find it happened to be “Let’s Screw Over Our Customers!” day at the car rental place. Already late, we ran to a doctor’s appointment. On the way, I phoned my friend, Alice, to see if she and her husband, Jim would like to meet for a quick happy hour. TIf we could work it in, it’d be wedged in between a doctor’s appointment, a potential meeting with my attorney and the need to be at a birthday party 30 miles away…all this had to be worked out in a matter of about four hours. Possible? Sure! But, what if I schedule to meet with friends, then the unforseen happens? Car trouble. A long wait in the waiting room. Not having all the proper paperwork. If the cosmos aligned perfectly, we should have time to grab a quick drink with friends. That’s a big, BIG “IF.”

And it didn’t work out. But Alice is one of those low maintenence friends. You know the kind, right? That person who, if you have to re-schedule at the last minute doesn’t take it personally. That person who has no agenda for your time together. That person who won’t expect anything but social time, pure and simple. That person who doesn’t get insulted by much and you don’t have to watch what you say(me and my mouth? I really value these kinds of people!)

Iin her words, “If it works out, great! If not, we’ll catch you next time!”

That is exactly what I wanted to hear. And that’s exactly the kind of friend I want and need. Those people who realize every interaction is a gift and appreciate it(not a gift because it’s me, either…c’mon, I’m not that cool!), but those who just know all social interaction with friends should be easy, low maintenence and with nothing but the best of intentions. Gotta love it!

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