The Return…and Travel Misadventures

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Well, after an extended weekend with friends, family, reunions and surprise Bday parties, I’m back in the Sunshine State! And none too soon, either, since I had to try very hard to get away from a bona fide looney I met at Lambert today. And where is the lesson in this? Dunno. You see if you can find one.

I take my seat and a woman walks up. She introduces herself as Katherine. I tell her my name. She then presses a thin, plastic envelope into my palm. It’s about the size of a book of matches and is stapled to a business card. Katherine says, “This is a petall of a rose from our blessed mother. These petals have been known to bring about many healings.” I was polite, said thank you and shoved the rose petal into my laptop case.

As Katherine left, I began to get angry. Well, that quickly subsided because I realized it’s stupid to get mad at crazy people. And how do I know she’s crazy? Because without even knowing me, Katherine determined that I needed to be healed. Of what? I assume blindness.

Do I? Well, I’ll let the fine physicians of the world work on that, not some stranger in an airport.

Katherine broke the #1 rule of interaction:

Do not go into an interaction with an agenda and expect to be successful

I’m less likely to put any “faith”(pardon the pun) into rose petals from some NYC shrine if they’re given by someone who doesn’t know me, my life, what I do. If Katherine had taken the time to get to know me, I may have been more likely to hear her point of view. But starting with an assumption? Bad business. Bad religion. Bad idea.

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