Perfect Scores…And perfect Stupidity

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John Liu, a senior at a Danville, KY high school, has just scored perfect scores on both the SAT and ACT. I’m fascinated with people this intelligent. I mean, back in the days when I was taking the standardized tests, I was lucky to get scores in the double digits! Okay, maybe not quite that bad, but certainly not Ivy League entrance material like John is.

So, an incredible feat and one for which he should be congratulated!

Now, the bad news. I read this article on (find link to story below) and was bewildered AND disgusted by the comments after the story! Of the dozen or so I read, only two(count ’em, two) were positive and congratulatory. What? Yes…everything else was about how perfect scores don’t mean squat if you don’t have good networking and people skills. And some were even derogatory of John’s accomplishment because he’s Asian. This is an awesome story about a brilliant kid who made an accomplishment that is literally one in a million. And what happens? People try to down the dude for it! If that’s going to be the case, what’s the point of trying? Yeesh!

Read for yourself…and if you’re the type of person who walks away from this NOT celebrating John’s feat, do yourself a favor and keep your trap shut. I sure wish the people leaving comments on the site would have…

Teen gets perfect scores on SAT, ACT –

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