Pom PomGate?

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Last week, the NFL commissioner sent out a memo to all 32 teams stating the team cheerleaders will no longer be allowed too distract the opposing team’s players. Say what?

According to, well, evvery sports report I’ve read, the NFL claims the cheerleaders will no longer be allowed to warm up, stretch, do practice routines or anything that’d be remotely distracting in the tunnel for the opposing team.

In a game between the Skins and the Patriots, a player claimed he was so distracted by the antics of the opposing team’s cheerleaders that he couldn’t perform on the field. Again, say what?

Okay, I’m originally from St. Louis-the place with the Edward Jones Dome. The Dome is considered one of the hardest places to play in because the volume is so excessive. And it’s so common before NFL games to have hours and hours of tailgate parties sponsored by alcohol companies and bars and restaurants. Never mind the fact there are 20K drunken fans screaming at the top of their lungs…we’ve gotta get those sexy chicks away from the players!

Dear God. What are we? Back in caveman days? Are women simply known for their bodies used to tempt men? And are men so easily distracted where we constantly have our attention diverted from the job to the closest tight end(little football humor there!).

This whole thing really makes us take a step back in our evolution as human beings. If we were animals that had to be separated to control the breeding and overpopulation of earth, it’d be one thing. We’re not. And the NFL shouldn’t have to tell the little girlies to get away from the big boys so they can play their game. Yeesh. You’d think a guy getting paid hundreds of thousands of bucks per year would be able to focus, wouldn’t you?

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