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Thanks to all who wrote and commented on the Marcus Engel Newsletter for September. Wow, what awesome responses I got back! One was from a psychologist who I’ll ask for permission to reprint his comments…very, very enlightening since he works with many victims of sexual abuse. Second, my good Miniwanca/Merrowvista friend, Zoe!, reminded me that just this past Saturday was the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur. She took the time to explain that one of the biggest parts of Yom Kippur is recognizing all the wrong we’ve personally done and trying to obtain forgiveness and reconciliation for it. Thanks Zoe! for the insight!

However, one of the best E mails I got was from a retired English teacher from Tennessee. Mrs. Mackey told me about how her son committed suicide over 20 years ago as a teenager and how, just a few years later, her husband passed away. She joked about the pop psychology idea of closure…which, I agree, is kinda ridiculous since closure means an end. There’s never an end to memories. Iis closure impossible then? I don’t know for sure, but it works once again as a vital part of forgiveness.

I do a ton, A TON of E mailing. Every once in a while, I’m in contact with someone who, just from their words on a screen, I know I could really click with. Mrs. Mackey is one of these people. I was so excited to hear her take on simply accepting reality and moving on that we’ve had several E conversations since first receiving her message yesterday. Plus, I look forward to meeting her sometime when I’m up in TN.

Again, thanks to all who gave me some additional food for thought! Glad to know folks are reading my stuff!

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