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During the 04 election, I heard a great idea that I’ve subscribed to ever since. When someone asks you about your political views, don’t answer. At least, not in the traditional way people usually answer. If you say you’re a Republican, you’re quickly lumped in with the Rush Limbaughs and Pat Robertsons of the world; judgemental, unfeeling and stingy. If you answer that you’re a Democrat, then you’re quickly lumped in with the Michael Moores and crowd. See what I’m getting at? It seems people have no idea what moderation is any more, so upon your answer, you’ll be thrown in with the most polar viewpoint.

Now, here’s the idea: Force the asker to inquire on your specific beliefs. Chances are, when you answer on each individual topic, it’ll show a greatly different view than the previously mentioned polar opposite. And really, if your opinion matches perfectly with that of the GOP or the Dems, issue by issue, point by point, all the way down the line, then you’re either one of the polar people in question, or you’re a Kool-Aid drinking lemming.

So, it was way cool this morning when I opened my E mail and discovered this:

“Candidate Calculator”

This Candidate Calculator asks your opinion, issue by issue, and asks you to rate how important each issue is to you. At the end, it’ll tell you which of the current candidates you align most closely with, and what percentage you and the candidate both agree on.

I love this! What a way to keep people honest! Okay, maybe not… it IS politics after all, and honesty seems to have no place in the political world, unfortunately. Still, when you take the test blindly(i.e., to really try to see who you match with), you may get a very different view than you thought! And drop me an E mail when you do… I’d love to see where everyone stands!

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