Doing Something You Love…And Getting Paid For It!

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Do you like your job? Do you love it?

This question was the topic of discussion between some buds recently. Of the four at the table, I was the only person who loved his job(go figure). Two liked their jobs-they didn’t dread going to work, but it wasn’t their ultimate passion. One Negative Nancy was the only person to say he hated his job. Is that an accurate representation of the American work force? One quarter love their jobs, one quarter hate them, and half are okay enough not to quit. Does that seem accurate to you?

This is highly, HIGHLY unscientific, as you may expect. Still, I think it may be a commentary on mindsets more than job satisfaction. Like, 25% of Americans are negative, constantly unhappy personalities. Of course, this means that attitude will carry over to their outlook on their career.

Anyway, that really has nothing to do with anything! Except that today the news showed a clip about some people who really love what they do. And they should! Not everyone gets the chance to be a professional video gamer!

What? Pro gamers? Yep! Believe it or not, there are several national tournaments with teams from around the country. Each player makes a $30K salary, with the potential for big bonuses if their team wins. One world championship even has a half million dollar purse for the winning team!

I guess when you think about this, it’s not all that much different than pro athletes(real athletes, not just those who have fast and strong thumbs). Still, who’d have thunk people could get paid to sit and play games?

One gamer, a 20 year old named Vanessa, stated, “It’s always great to get to do something you love and get paid for it!” Amen, sister! Me and the other 25% of Americans in my highly unscientific survey agree with you!

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    like to hear your take on this:
    going around advertising your services in places with people who don’t care to help you or encourage you.

    How to get out there and do it?


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