You Can Learn A Lot While Laughing!

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You may notice the new quote at the top of Engel’s Ensights from George Carlin. Ya know, for all his controversy, Carlin is an incredibly smart dude. Then, when you think about it, a comedian almost has to be highly intelligent to become successful.

No one really thinks of comedians as philosophers, but they see the subtle details and summize them for the rest of we mere mortals to observe. Carlin’s views on religion make people wonder why they’re sitting in church. Denis Leary’s observations on animals make me wonder why vegetarians eat the way they do. Mitch Headberg changes my thoughts on a whole, whole lot of things! Then, you have Chris Rock and Gallagher. From totally opposite angles, they show just how ridiculous some mainstream thoughts can be! Bill Cosby? The absolute king of all things comedic? Bill is so articulate in his views of society that it has started a movement, believe it or not.

People who are funny are a dime a dozen. People who point out what the average American doesn’t see are a lot more rare. Comedians who take those unobserved points and turn them into a bit of philosophy are even more amazing. Thanks, George, for being the first person to point out some of the things that pass Joe Averages by.

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