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Since I’ve been out of town most of the past week, today was date day for the new wife and I. Plus, it was also an adventure!

Allow me to take you back in time about a dozen years. There was a messed up 19 year old who bore a striking resemblence to me living in Colorado and attending a rehab school in Denver. One of the activities at the blind rehab school was introducing we students to different forms of entertainment, one of which was descriptive videos. So, while we’re all gathered together one day, one of the teachers pops “Top Gun” into the VCR(dating myself here, aren’t I?). Well, “Top Gun” has been a favorite movie of yours truly since I was a 11 year old kid watching Tom Cruise and Goose fight the bad guys over the Indian Ocean. But, I guess I’m digressing. Having seen “Top Gun” as a sighted person, then watching it with descriptive video narration, I was really surprised at how much of the action the narrator was able to describe. I mean, fast dogfights in planes is pretty hard to spit out, right?

Well, I’ve not sat through a movie with descriptive narration since that morning in 1995…until today. Action movies to me are pretty useless; you can never know who’s getting fired at in gun fights, who is winning in a road race, etc. Well, the only reason I wanted to see “The Kingdom” was because I knew it’d include description for all the gun battles….and it did!

I want to give props to Regal Theaters for having the descriptive services for those of us who are missing out on the video portion of movies. Plus, they had headphones with amplification for those who are hard of hearing and close captioning, too. All in all, a really awesome experience of opening a few doors I haven’t cared to open lately.

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