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Ever had an irrational dream? Sure you have-pretty much all dreams are irrational, right? What I mean by irrational is the feeling you have once you’re awake; that feeling that was carried over from the dream you’re still having even though the dream is over, consciousness has returned and maybe you’ve even had your first cup of coffee. Welcome to the way my week started!

This morning, my REM sleep brought me dreams of a ex-friend I haven’t communicated with in years. This person and I had some major disagreements and it seemed mutual to let the friendship die. So, we did. Yet, last night, he was back in my dreams. And this time doing things that betrayed our friendship more than reality warranted several years ago. I woke up with renewed anger and disgust for him. Even now, into my second cup of java, I still can’t shake how wronged I feel.

Irrational? Yes! Absolutely! But our heart and emotions don’t make sense sometimes. As a very wise woman(my wife) says, “Emotions lie.” I fully realize that this morning, I have no more reason to be upset with said ex-friend than I had yesterday morning. And yet my heart tells me differently. Weird. And disconcerting. And one of those emotions that we need to shrug off and forget because there is no basis in reality.

Emotions lie. Dreams lie. I choose to do my best not to live my life in lies.I want to live with rationality, logic and intelligence-traits that bring us peaceful, grounded and successful existences.

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