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So, after watching the 60 Minutes report on Interpol, we got down to good stuff…The Boss.

The 60 Minutes journalist said to Bruce, “You’re 58 years old. You’ve gotta be worth upward of $100 million…why do you still do this?” By “this” he was referring to touring, writing music, performing-being a rock star. I LOVE Bruce’s response!

“What am I going to do? Garden?”

Love it! He’s so right! Bruce gets his kicks from creating emotions in his listeners. He does that well-probably better than anyone else has ever done for this listener. But more than anything, he’s not willing to sit back on his greatest hits, but he’s cranking out new tunes. And Bruce’s new stuff isn’t like the latest release from REO Speedwagon. It’s relevant, it’s thoughtful and it’s freaking good!

When I’m 58, I don’t want to garden, either. I don’t want to do anything other than what I’m doing now. Like The Boss, when I find something I love and others benefit from, I’ll stick with it until I can’t do it any more.

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