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Have you seen this show? It’s mainly homicide detectives showing how critical the first 48 hours are once there is a body found. Tonight, I’m relaxing and catching up on some good ol’ all American cops and robbers stuff. This fits the bill nicely!

This episode shows a 55 year old man found dead in the street outside a Miami, FL bar. The detectives didn’t even know if it had been a murder, but in the first nine hours, they’d worked the scene, taken the corpse to the hospital and the autopsy was under way. When the M.E. came back with the answer: blunt force trauma to the head, the cops knew they had a murder on their hands.

So, one of the first orders of business is to inform the victim’s family. After two or three attempts, the police just gave up. They could find no family, no real address, no one that really knew the victim. As one officer said, “It’s really sad…this guy lived 50 years and now he’s dead. And no one really cares.”

Sad, it is. There’s nothing sadder than someone who has no family nor friends nor even social connections. I once heard that the way to live life is this:

Live your life so that when you’re dead, you’ll be smiling in the casket-and the mourners will be crying

Not bad, not bad. The more connections one makes, the more love they share with the world. The more love shared, the more he/she will be missed when they’re dead. And why not? It won’t hurt to live life this way at all!

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