It’s Up To You… New York, New York!

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Why no blogs this week? Well, after Hofstra, my lovely bride and I went into the Big Apple to soak up some of the flava from our fav city! Well, and to soak up some of Bruce Springsteen’s sweat… but we’ll get to that in a minute.
First off, I got to visit some wonderful friends from my days at Camp Miniwanca, Susan Boyer and Grace Goodwin. It was the first time I’d actually been in an NYC apartment and, well, they have an awesome place, but like they said, “What you see on TV is a WHOLE lot bigger than most New Yorkers have!”
After some coffee and doughnuts, we jumped the subway down to support the Asian economy(er, buy knock off purses. Not for me, thank you very much!) Then, pizza on the upper west side and off to the Garden to see The Boss!
Other than exhuming Johnny Cash and putting a guitar in his cold hands, there is no one on earth I’d rather see performing! And if I can have that much energy (and that much sweat) at 58 years of age, I’ll be doin’ all right!
Then today… off to Mecca! A.K.A. Virgil’s, the best BBQ and soul food on the face of the earth!
Voted #1 BBQ in NYC and voted #1 by Marvelyne and me (hence the hearts around my pic… this was Marvelyne’s doing due to our mutual love of Virgil’s hush puppies. I know, I know, we’re newlyweds, but if I keep taking us to Virgil’s, I’ll be keeping my girl happy forever!)
Times Square, BBQ, The Boss, riding the subway and trying to act like locals, friends, business and, oh yeah… take a look at Carson’s face outside our hotel.
Note to NYC:
Get some grass somewhere! Or stop “protecting” your trees from Carson pee!
mmmm – Times Square!


BBQ so good – it comes with a hand towel!

“On The Ave”

great hotel – great service

“You want me to do WHAT?”
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