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In prep for a few days on the road this week, I’ve been sitting at my desk and signing books. For some, this may seem a mundane task. It’s not. At least not for me.

See, when I’m at my desk, I pull up:

in a browser and tap into recordings of live concerts played well before I could have been sitting in the audience.

Today’s choice was a Kris Kristofferson show in CA from 1982. In his last song, he did a medley of “Sunday Morning Coming Down” and a few other tunes that revolve around the dark underbelly of substance abuse. Halfway through the song, he starts in on a little monologue where he says, “I quit drinkin’, I quit smokin’ grass, I quit doing dope of any kind. Tonight I stand before you and there’s nothin’ between us. It’s just me and you, there’s nothing in between me and the music and you…and it feels better than it ever did!”

I have tons of props for any abusers who licked their problems. Addicts, abusers, whatever had hold of their lifestyles, kicking bad habits is commendable. I’m so glad to hear, now 25 years later, Kris giving props to sobriety. Not that it saved his life, but because he insinuated that his audiences were cheated by the booze and drugs. He wanted to give his fans everything he could, and it’s just not possible when he’d go on stage half-cocked.

All around, this is a great, heartwarming story of a talented guy giving his 110%.

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