Waffling? Or Better Decisions With More Information?

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There are a few traits I reallly respect in people; integrity, selflessness, strength, compassion, all the usual things.

Another trait I love to see is tenacity: the ability to stick with a decision.

Yet, there’s something that’s the opposite end of that spectrum called openness. You know, always being able to receive new information and act accordingly. I struggle with these two because they seem totally opposite-and I like both of them!

This morning, I was watching one of the Sunday morning news programs. Massachusetts governor Romney was being interviewed. The journalist was quite well prepared and showed many times where Romney has changed his opinions.

Generally, we think of politicians who flip flop their beliefs as untrustworthy. After all, we want to know what sort of opinions we’re putting in office, right? et, I also want a candidate whoo, upon much study and reflection, may soften his/her stances with new information.

The journalist basically accussed the governor of not sticking by his beliefs. Romney denied this and said that he’d had a change of heart. One particular comment that struck me was, “The older I get, the smarter I realize Ronald Reagan was.”

Now, whether or not he does or does not feel Reagan was wonderful, I’ve got to have a little respect for someone who, with age and study, makes a decision based on new info.

It’s a tough line to walk, isn’t it? I’m not sure the advice for politicians should be all that different from those in the rest of the world, but politicians really have to watch what they say.

And maybe the good ol’ serenity prayer sums it up best: the wisdom to know the difference.

The jury is still out on what is the best way to balance openness and tenacity. Any better ideas?

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