I Wish He Were My Father

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I’ve been watching a couple of documentaries on neo-Nazi skinheads. Lord, what a bunch of losers. Hateful, ignorant, disgusting losers. And I mean that in the least possible respectful way.

Couple of things have come to mind watching these fools. First, I sorta questioned why I’d even pay attention to this. Well, kinda like watching a train wreck, I suppose. This is a world I want nothing to do with, but it’s interesting to observe from outside. Still, I question whether or not this stuff should be aired. The more I think about it, I absolutely WANT this stuff on the air. Then, it exposes more people to just what nimrods these Nazis are! Show it, see it, learn it and let everyone see this is a band of stupid outcasts with no possible way of forming a valid opinion.

Second, something struck me as a father. Two 17 year old skinheads were interviewed. The first told about how, on his 14th birthday, his stepfather beat him close to death with a bullwhip, then his mother took a few licks. Horrible.

The second young man was sitting with the head of the skinheads and said, “I wish Bill was my biological father. I wish that 17 years ago, Bill would have conceived me instead of my real father. I haven’t seen my dad for eight years now. Bill is my father.”

Trust me, folks, watch this Bill joker for a few minutes and I wouldn’t trust him with my house plants, much less raising children. As you’d expect, he’s an idiot with just slightly more charisma than your average skinhead.

But notice the common thread here: young men with no father figure, no role model, no guidance. Who are they likely to listen to? How about “anyone”? Yes, anyone. Anyone who will pay attention to abandoned children is going to be able to exert their influence over them. Children need parents. When parents can’t be had, children will turn to whoever cares for them, makes them feel they have some worth, makes hem feel protected. Bill was the father figure for these youngg men-but it could have just as easily been someone of quality. It could have been someone with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. It could have been their next door neighbor. It could have been someone affiliated with a religion. It could have been freaking ANYONE-but it was the lowest form of human life(next to pedophiles).

Right now, I’m kinda inspired to go get more involved in making positive influences on the lives of young men. It’s an incredibly important position and so so so necessary for the survival of emotionally healthy American men.

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