The Homeless Whisperer

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Ever watched The Dog Whisperer? What a fantastic show! I mean, I’ve spent the last 12 years, 24-7 with a dog by my side, and yet I learn something new about every time I watch Caesar Milan.

Today, Caesar was pointing out how well behaved the dog belonging to a homeless woman was. The dog constantly stood by the feet of the woman who is homeless, and when she’d walk, the dog was with her, but a foot or so behind. I’m no dog whisperer, but there’s something in this that deals with dominance.

The woman who is homeless may have never known she was training her dog like Caesar, the most ffamous dog person ever. It was cool that Caesar pointed this out.

We spend our lives casting our eyes away from the homeless. Maybe we should spend a little more time watching them. At least in the case of this woman, they’re doing something right.
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