When I Finally Take The News Seriously…

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So, for days the California fires have been all over the news. I knew there -were- fires in southern Cal, but to what severity? Well, that’s where my blindness is a bit of a problem. As always, journalists dramatize every tiniest event to make it sound life threatening AND life-changing. Yet, the next day…gone from memory forever. Lending creedence to the whole idea that it wasn’t so bad in the first place.

Yesterday, a reporter was on the scene and described the scorched earth as a scene “right out of hell.” Yeah, whatever, I thought. Not like I haven’t heard that one before…like the last time there was a tire factory fire in Akron.

Now, this morning, the news reported 300,000 people evacuated. Shelters set up in stadiums. Yeah, I thought when the news had finally set in…it’s bad.

Can I blame this on my inability not to see the TV? Maybe a little, but more than anything, I blame the 24-7 news reports. The term “crying wolf” comes to mind. Journalistts constantly overdramatize every occurrence to the point I don’t believe the situation is half as bad as they say. Then, in a situation like today, it’s hard to fault me for not being a little more on the edge of my seat, er, couch.

As I head off to Riverside, CA tomorrow, I’ll bring back some first hand reports. Yeah, just call me Geraldo.

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