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First off, my apologies for being out of touch the last few days. Here’s a quick re-cap:

Wednesday night – thanks to Doug Everhart and the U. of California-Riverside for hosting me for Red Ribbon Week! You guys were awesome and, stupid me, I forgot to have someone take pics. So, we’ll get to use our imaginations instead of visual images this time! Doug, you’re da bomb of a guy to work with and I’m honored to have been part of your speakers series. Oh, and no worries with the fires, though the smell of smoke was thick in the cabin upon departure out of Ontario.

Then, back to the motherland-St. Louis. Yesterday, I spent the morning at the studios of Lifetime Media:


filming my new demo video. Thanks to Fully Grown Jessica, Shannon, Glenn, Dr. Campbell, Abe and Theresa for making it such a great experience! Be on the lookout for the new Marcus Engel demo vid before Thanksgiving!

Following the filming, I pulled my once-a-year trick of seriously injuring myself. It just seems that every 12 months, I do something stupid and end up in the E.R. Yesterday was no different!

As soon as filming finished, I was in the parking lot getting ready to head to lunch. Even with a warning, I managed to step backwards off a three or four foot high retaining wall and landed(SMACK!) on the concrete below. Seriously, folks, I could have easily broken a leg or an arm, if not a neck or face. But alas, I walked away (well, limped away) with a severe sprained ankle and some deep cuts to the wrist and knee. So, the rest of the evening was spent playing the RICE game: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Today, swelling is down and, at this rate, I should be walking more normal within a week. Thanks to the friends who helped out yesterday with this – it’s always good to have friends with physician hook ups. More later on the travels and adventures of yours truly…

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