When “typical” Isn’t So Typical

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On my recent journies across the country, I flew Southwest Airlines. SWA is my fav and here’s just a bit of the reason why…

On the leg from Orlando to Phoenix, the flight attendant made sure Carson had a seat to himself, making it much more comfy for Carson, me and whoever else would have been sitting with us. This was especially helpful considering the plane was almost overbooked. When I arrived in southern California, a SWA pilot helped me to baggage claim AND outside to give Carson a chance to pee. This pilot just did this out of the kindness of his heart-it certainly wasn’t his job.

When I flew from STL back home to Orlando yesterday, a flight attendant on Southwest allowed me and my grapefruit-sized ankel to block off all three seats in my row. The flight wasn’t nearly full, but having the ability to prop up my leg for elevation meant there was one less person who couldn’t sit in the bulkhead. And yet? I’m all the more thankful for it.

When I arrived home and was telling my lovely wife about my adventures, she said, “Typical Southwest!” And she’s right! Typical to Southwest is extraordinary! And I’d like to send a shout to Terry the flight attendant from MCO to PHX, the pilot who helped me in Ontario, and Jocelyn from STL to MCO. You guys are awesome!

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