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One thing I’ve found that makes my keynotes at colleges ultra-successful is spending time with students before the big program. That way, I get a better feel of the students, get to meet some friendly faces who’ll be in the audience later and, in general, it’s better than sitting in a hotel room!

Today, I arrived at U. of West Georgia and everything was ready for me. I.E., a bunch of Kappa Sigma brothers took me to lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, I got to spend some time with the presidents and risk management chairs of the Greek system and, in general, just tgot to hang out on campus.

It’s cool, like I said, getting to know students beforehand. However, when I get to meet with brothers of the Kappa Sigma fraternity(my college affiliation), it just reinforces the 130 plus year tradition that has been handed down ever since the five friends and brothers met at 46 E. Lawn at the University of Virginia.

A special thank you to the Kappa Sigs for showing me some great chow and reminding me why it’s great to be a Kappa Sig! AEKDB.

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