Dirty Dog!

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Have you heard all the ruckus around Dog The Bounty Hunter?

Dog,, on a private call to his son, dropped the N word several times, along with plenty of profanity. His son then sold the recording of the conversation to the National Enquirer for a handsome profitt. When the tape went public, you can imagine what hot water Dog is now in for his comments.

Personally, I’ve never watched a full episode of Dog. I really have no opinion of him, other than apparently he’s got a pretty unique look since a bunch of folks dressed up as Dog for Halloween.

But what of a son ratting out his father? Sure, Dog is an idiot with racist views, but the bigger crime than stupidity and ignorance is outright disloyalty to one’s family. Shame on Dog for being such a closed-minded guy, but bigger shame on his son for selling out his father’s career for nothing more than financial gain.

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