Seeing A Ghost

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In the past year, Hank Williams III has become one of my favorite performers. Raucous, redneck, acoustic driven noise with no apologies to those who are offended-exactly what alternative country was meant to be! So, last night was a night I’d been anticipating for a long, long time…

Hank played Orlando last night and, without a doubt, his music is some of the best funked up redneck hollarin’ around!

Then, without fair warning, the hellbilly sound died and metal took over. I don’t mean metal like our old friends AC/DC or Motley Crue, I mean Gwar and Slipknot. As soon as my ears stopped bleeding, I figured out Hank’s country set was over and his metal band, Assjack, had taken the stage. Then, it was time to bail. Gwar and Marcus just don’t go together.

Still, for the handfull of songs I heard, Hank’s voice transformed the night into something out of a ghost story. There’s no better known name in country music than Hank Williams, and on stage with that high, broken tenor sound of his granddad, Hank 3 turned into Hank Sr., right before my very ears. If nothing else, it was the closest I’ll ever come to seeing the legendary Hank Williams-especially since he was dead a good 20 years before I entered the world. Craziness.

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