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Well, in addition to rubbing elbows with Hollywood types in Spokane, WA this weekend, I also met two of my colleagues:

Rodger Campbell and Frank Kitchen

Rodger and Frank are represented by Coleman Productions, too andare just some really awesome guys! Check out their site at:

I can’t wait to see these guys do their thang in person! If their normal personalities are indicative of what they do on the platform, then the audience is in for a real treat!And, if you like to dance, you’re going to want to check out their videos on their site and on Coleman Production’s site, too:


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  • SoupKitchen

    Marcus. Thanks for the plug! You’re the best! Rodger says we need to have a dog in the booth the next time we’re at NACA. I think he was a little jealous of the attention Carson was getting. I look foward to meeting up in the future! Great job in Spokane, the students loved you!

  • SoupKitchen

    Marcus, thank you for the plug. It was good “working” with you this weekend. How are your feet feeling? Rodger says we’re going to have a BAD BAD Apples Dog for the booth, the next time we’re at NACA. I think he was jealous of all the attention Carson was getting in Spokane. Great job with your showcase! The students loved you. It’s tough selling yourself in 15 minutes! Great Job!

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