Metro Life Church, Miami, FL

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Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov. 6 and 7,

I was honored to present a couple of programs for

Metro Life Church in Miami, FL.

On Tuesday evening, the keynote was for the men’s group – an especially awesome treat for me since it’s rare I get to present for gender-specific organizations. In programs that are gender specific, whether male or female, I feel like there are topics we can cover more in depth than with a mixed audience. I want to thank the gentlemen who attended for being such an awesome group to work with, for their attentiveness and for making my first experience at Metro Life Church so incredible!

And if I thought Tuesday night was da bomb, Wednesday night blew my mind! Thanks to all who came out, who were touched by what I presented and for so many kind words and hugs afterward!

A very, very special thanks goes to Steve and Mary Alessi, pastors of Metro Life Church. Pastors Steve and Mary also happen to be my bro-in-law and sis-in-law, and it was terrific getting to know my new family members even more!

Metro Life Church is really what a church should be – open, inviting, compassionate, giving and close. However the dynamic is created at Metro Life Church, it’s there and is ready for anyone who’d like to have a positive worship experience. Check out their site at:

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