Don’t Taze Me, Bro!

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Tupperware. Pampered Chef. Candles. Baskets…these all represent kinds of parties I’ve NOT been to! And, God willing, I’ll never be at any party with multi-level marketing!

But now, a new twist for ladies on the pyramid scheme circuit…tasers. Yes, tasers.

Who’d have thunk it, but taser parties are popping up like a mugger’s eyes after being hit with mega-voltage. Would you believe tasers actually come in fresh new colors? True story!

All kidding aside, no one can dismiss the sense of tasers. No, they’re not fool proof, they still have dangers, even fatal dangers, for some taze victims with heart conditions, but all in all, non-lethal weapons are a kinder, gentler way to help our law enforcement officers(and now Joe Average Citizens) protect themselves from violence.

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