Ho Ho…NO!

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I wouldn’t have believed it, but I heard it on the most popular television news show on cable TV.

In Australia, there is a person who coordinates all the Santas for all the department stores. This person has determined that St. Nick saying, “Ho ho ho!” might be offensive to some women. So, Aussie Santas are now required to say, “Ha ha ha!”

To which, I say “Ha ha ha!”

Seriously, folks! We all know a ho or two, but would they be offended by Santa giving his usual verbage? Highly unlikely. They’re far too busy sucking down white zinfandel and smoking menthol 100 ciggiess while waiting for Mr. Overdose On Cologne Guy to try to pick them up. Too graphic? Ridiculous? Yes…just as stupid as changing Sannta’s slogan.

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