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I freakin’ love I’ve purchased and sold so many things over the last year that I’d have been unable to buy/sell were it not for CL. In fact, right now, I’m sipping an espresso from the espresso/cappucino maker I bought off a guy over the weekend for $15. I’m sure this thing was much more expensive than that in the store, and thank God for people who get gifts they don’t use! But even more, how awesome is it to have such a grass roots site that puts people in touch with one another? And how awesome is it that it works at such a level to put the responsibility in the hands of the users?

Anywho, this morning I was purusing the Best of CL and came acrosss a rant from a woman who’s husband is being shipped out to Iraq. She had one of the most articulate, well-written arguments/points I’ve heard expressed. I so wish I could cut and paste it here, but the language is pretty colorful and, if you want to read it badly enough, you’ll go to CL and find it yourself.

Anyway, she was making the point that people don’t know what to say when she informs them her husband is being shipped to a war zone. She said, “I don’t want to hear about your problems, I don’t want your political leanings, I don’t want to go to your Bbible study to give me hope, I don’t want to hear, ‘Well, at least you still have me!’…”

So often, when a hardship is told, people tend to think they have to come up with a great response. Something that’ll lighten the mood, or something that’ll give the person hope, or something that’ll fix the problem. Most often, people who tell you of their problems simply want a listening ear and an understanding heart. I’d like to thank this anonymous poster for showing the readers, in no uncertain terms, what a spouse of a soldier needs the most. We should all learn from her writings…

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